Professional Car Waxing & Polishing

Our wax detailing can be done at the clients location (weather dependant) whereas ceramic detailing must be done in a covered area – clients can talk through the best options for their vehicle with Paul before deciding which system is best for them. We keep 2 or 3 options for both ceramic and Canuba waxes in stock so choosing is easy.

Car Wax

Natural Car Wax

Natural car wax is made of natural ingredients. This is usually plant based, with the carnuba wax being the most common. This wax comes from the Copernicia Cerifera palm tree.

Carnauba wax is available in a range of quality, ranging from yellow to white, with yellow wax being the purest and most expensive. Although it does offer a high level of protection and a great finish, applications are needed every few months.

Synthetic Car Wax

Synthetic waxes are made with artificial substances. Usually chemicals that can bond with paint. This provides great protection that can last for up to a year and looks great too.

This type of wax is a more affordable option and is usually a less labour intensive job too, making Synthetic waxes highly popular. This is despite a lack of lustre – synthetic waxes do not provide the same shine as a natural wax.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic paint protection acts very differently from a wax in the sense that it will actually generate a curing property once applied to a surface. This curing creates a chemical bond with the surface Once they’re applied & cured, ceramic-based protectants are extremely resistant and provide a much higher durability than wax.

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